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 Holy Paladin: Getting Prepared

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PostSubject: Holy Paladin: Getting Prepared   Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:13 pm

Hello guys.

This is, IMO, the best tree for holy paladins.

With this tree, all paladins will have a bonus in their devotion aura, helping tanks if they want, will have some resistance to curse, disease, fear and disorient (its useful against bosses that does AoE effects, preventing you from healing, what can be a problem sometimes), and will have reduced mana cost for CLEANSE...

As you can see, there is 5 spare talent points. Why is that?

Well... PvE specs looks to help the raid as much as it can, and since you have 5 points left, you can choose one of the improved blessings (Wisdom, in the holy tree, or might, in the retribution tree)... since we got a few holy paladins raiding with us, it may be interesting if we pick different trees, and after you choose yours, let me know, so we can decide who will buff what in raids... I will get improved wisdom, and do something else with the rest (improved righteous fury, for questing, idk) BTW, all paladins should download this addon:

PALLY POWER (along with pally power info)... this helps buffing during raids, let you know who is missing your blessing, and the duration of the same... besides, its a one-click buffing addon =D... and it tells how many SYMBOLS each paladin (that use pally power) have...

ABOUT ENCHANTS... All we dont want to hear when asking "where's your enchanting?" is "I DONT HAVE GOLD"... there are daily quests, primal / rep items / profession mats farming, "gray-selling", and a few more ways to get your gold, and we all have to repair, buy elixirs/flasks/food every raid, so this is not an excuse...

Must have enchants:

HEAD: Glyph of Renewal (you get that from THRALLMAR, need REVERED reputation... its fairly easy getting revered, so go farm that rep)

SHOULDER: Greater Inscription of the Oracle / Greater Inscription of Faith (requires EXALTED with SCRYERS / ALDOR respectively, its quite easy to get that, too)

CHEST: well, i recommend Restore Mana Prime, but you can have Exceptional Stats as well, or Exceptional Mana

BRACER: Superior Healing, adds +30 to your healing bonus, uses 4 Greater Planar Essence and 4 Primal Life

GLOVES: Major Healing, adds +35 to your healing bonus, uses 6 Greater Planar Essence, 6 Large Prismatic Shards and 6 Primal Life

LEGS: Golden Spellthread, adds +66 to your healing bonus and +20 stamina, you get that from TAILORING, uses Rune Thread, 10 Primal Life and 1 Primal Nether

BOOTS: Vitality, restore 4 health and mana every 5 sec, uses 6 Arcane Dusts, 6 Major Healing Potion and 6 Major Mana Potion

WEAPON: Major Healing, adds +81 to your healing bonus, uses 8 Large Prismatic Shards, 8 Primal Water and 8 Primal life

SHIELD: Intellect, +12 intellect, uses 4 Greater Planar Essence

If you're an enchanter yourself, you can enchant your rings too, with Healing Power, that adds +20 to your healing bonus and uses 2 Large Prismatic Shards, 3 Greater Planar Essence and 5 Arcane Dusts. Its a recipe, and you can buy it from the Sha'tari Quartermaster, requires REVERED reputation with Sha'tar.

FYI, i'm an enchanter and have ALL healing enchants, so you can ask me to enchant your gear anytime, Nazalia is tailoring if im correct, and she can make your golden spellthread.


If you're going Gruul, use Unstable Flask of the Physician, you can get that from an event in Ogri'la, and purchase using those shards, crystals, whatever... or go to an AH, or GUILD BANK

For TK, SSC, BT and Hyjal, Shattrath Flask of Mighty Restoration... you can buy that in Shattrath Aldor / Scryers Bank from an NPC, uses 1 mark of the illidari... you need to be exalted with CENARION EXPEDICTION, SHA'TAR and ALDOR / SCRYERS... there is an equivalent flask, Flask of Mighty Restoration, made by Alchemists

If you're not using flasks, you can use elixirs, normally 2 of them (Guardian and Battle)... i prefer using Elixir of Healing Power and Elixir of Major Mageblood

You can put Brilliant Mana Oil on your weapon too, it has 1hour duration, and you dont have do worry about losing upon death =]

There is also FOOD BUFF, by eating Golden Fish Sticks for 10 seconds... You need to cook Golden Darter for these, you can fish that in the river by Stonebreaker Hold, in terokkar... My hunter is Fishing / Cooking and if you need that, i can provide you with some (as well as any other food you need)

Well, thats all you need to do to get prepared for a 25men raid... maybe i missed something but thats all i can remember for now... i'll soon post a "how to heal" guide =]
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Holy Paladin: Getting Prepared
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