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 DKP System Explanation

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PostSubject: DKP System Explanation   Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:54 am

There is how work our DKP system for the 25 man raids

1.5 dkp : For being online and ready at time (ready mean you are repaired and you have flasks and potions)
1 dkp : Only for going

You will have half of the dkp if you cant be in the raid because its full, but you stay online and ready to go if we need you. This includes being on an alt while waiting as long as you are ready to go when you are called upon. If you do not respond when called, you forfeit all earned dkp for the night.

You will lose 0.5 dkp if :
1. You leave really early for no 'good' reasons. Talk to an officer or raid leader before leaving the raid.
2. You are AFK and you made us wait. If you must go afk for any extended period of time, you must inform an officer or raid leader.
3. You wipe us (Stupidly). This happens much too often and will be stopped.

The bidding system.

When a boss is killed and loot is to be distributed, the raid leader/master looter will began linking items which are to be bid on. Players interested in that specific item will whisper a dkp bid amount they wish to bid on the item. This amount can be any value the players wish but do not exceed the current amount of dkp that character has available.

Bids work in the following way:
Player 1 has 8 dkp.
Player 2 has 4 dkp.
Player 3 has 0 dkp.

An item drops which all three players want. When the leader asks for bids on the item, each player whispers the leader/looter their dkp bid.

Player 1 bids 3 dkp of his maximum 8.
Player 2 bids 4 dkp (his max).
Player 3 bids 0 (zero is a bid, if nobody else wants the item, the player can win with a zero bid).

In this senario, player 2 wins for 4 dkp. Even though player 1 had more total dkp, the item is given to the person that bid the MOST dkp for an amount equal to the second players bid amount + 1 dkp.
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DKP System Explanation
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